Fifi Box, Ashton Kutcher trainwreck interview

 Fifi Box, Ashton Kutcher trainwreck interview

Ashton Kutcher is having a nightmare week as he continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In the last few days, the actor has come under fire for supporting convicted rapist and former That ‘70s Show co-star Danny Masterson, and he was also named and shamed by Sharon Osbourne as being her worst celebrity encounter.

Adding to the pile on is Aussie radio host Fifi Box, who admitted she felt no sympathy for Kutcher’s negative press as she too believes he’s the worst celebrity she has ever interviewed.

“When I saw that Ashton was in hot water, I didn’t actually feel much sympathy for him because I labelled him my worst celebrity that I’ve ever met,” she said on Tuesday morning on her radio program, Fifi, Fev & Nick.

Box shared that years ago when she was working as the entertainment editor on Seven’s breakfast show Sunrise, she was tasked with interviewing Kutcher and the director for the 2010 film The Killers.

The radio star explained that often when a big name is paired with a director during a media junket, it’s because the star is not keen on doing press for the film.

Kutcher was the perfect example.

“I asked a very generic question about the movie and he didn’t even look me in the eye and he said, ‘Well, you’ll have to ask Michael that. He’s sitting next to me’.

“Well, I did just ask Michael a question and now I’m coming to you as you’re the lead actor,” she recalled thinking.

She then tried to engage Kutcher again by asking about his diet for the film, which he had discussed in a previous interview. But this time the diet question was met with a denial.

“He cut me off, blocked me, deferred to the director the whole interview. It was horrible, it was an awful experience,” she recalled.

The radio star’s comments echo that of the aforementioned Osbourne, who told E! News Kutcher was unpleasant when she chatted to him on her talk show The View.

“Oh rude, rude, rude, rude, rude little boy,” Osbourne said. “Dastardly little thing.”

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